28 Day Shred

You asked! We delivered! Our 6 week LiveFIT Lighter plan has seen so many of you achieve some amazing health and fitness transformations over the last few years. But, you have also asked for a plan that will work if you have a special event, occasion or holiday coming up, or have been away and are coming back to reality with a bump and need to get back into your healthy habits! So, here's our LiveFIT 28 Day Shred.
It's intense, and you'll need to be focused and committed for the FULL 28 days so that you can see and feel the results. THIS IS NOT FOR THE FLAKY INDIVIDUAL!! Got to be really clear here - THIS plan is for you if you're ready to do 28 days' focus, commitment and determination! If that's you, then jump on in and wait until you see your results!
What's included:
2 online live classes per week (optional BUT included in deal)
4 On demand workouts per week created especially for your 28 days (Non-negoatiable, MUST be done)
7 day meal plans x 4 and full shopping lists
Daily support
Prep and plan support
Techinique and form support
(Beginner workouts also available)
All via our exclusive app

Worth over £ 380.
All for only £ 69

What is expected?
You attend 2 live online classes per week (although this is optional as long as you're oing the 4 scheduled ON Deamnd workouts each week)
You do 4 Replay workouts per week (one of which has to be yoga/mobility/stretch for active recovery - these are non negationable)
You hit a minimum of 10k steps per day (non-negotioable)
You track your allowed calories per day
You log your workouts
You log your daily steps
You follow the 7 day meal plans we provide.

If you follow the plan for the full 28 days you will see and feel a significant change/changes!

We're excited for you to start and for you to see what can be achieved in ONLY 28 days if you really put your mind to it!

To register, head to our pricing page, packages, and click Buy Now on the 28 Day Shred red pricing tab. Once you're all signed up, we'll email you with the next steps to be able to access our app.
We start Monday October 10th. You will have access to the app from the 9th.

Let's DO this!

*Once you have signed up, there are no refunds or exchanges*

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