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Our 6 week Drop a Jean Size Plan runs every 8 weeks. We know that sounds strange! But hear us out!
The plan itself runs for 6 weeks, but also has 1 week for prep. Once that round is complete, we take 1 week to then set up the next round.
This is so that we can ensure you have the best experience with us and that we can do all that we can to make sure your Drop a Jean Size is successful!

So, what can you expect?
Our Drop a Jean Size plan is not just about fitting comfortably in to those favourite jeans - it's about upping your fitness level, strength and stamina and learning and understanding how and what we should be eating so that we can be truly healthy. We look at emotional eating, our relationship with the old diet culture. We look at our current poor health habits and introduce new, healthy and empowering ones. We look at self-care and its importance. Within our LiveFIT Replay on demand service, there are not only workouts of all sorts, but there are also mindfulnesss sessions for you to take some time out. We look at your whole health and ask you do to the same.
There are NO fads, and no quick fixes. And although our plan is simple, it isn't necessarily easy. You will have to do the hard work.

* 1 prep week (bonus week where we share how to follow the plan/ how to prepare for it etc)
* You'll get 3 live online classes with us at LiveFIT Wales per week over the 6 week plan (value £70+)
* You'll have exclusive access to LiveFIT Replay - our On Demand service, with access to over 30 extra workouts that you can do at any time and anywhere! (value £29.99p/m)
* Full access to LiveFIT Lighter, our calorie and portion controlled nutrition plan (value £150+)
* Your LiveFIT Lighter nutrition plan tailored to you
* Exclusive access to our Drop a Jean Size Facebook Support Group
* Daily support from your Head Coaches at LiveFIT Wales
* You'll become a part of our LiveFIT and Drop a Jean Size community
* And much more...

For only £119.00